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Ammended 15th August 2016




I am pleased to report the show was successful with the club gaining many new members on the day with many more expected over coming weeks.  My thanks must go to those attending i.e. Bruce your chairman, Jacko & Paul committee members, not forgetting myself.  Below is a couple of photo's showing the stand with two of the crew (Bruce & Jacko) who if I did not know better looked like they were trying their best to imitate each other, goatee beards & specs included!!!!















The first job on arrival was to erect the stand then to dress it with the new banners the club recently had made including lots of printed materials produced as handouts for the punters.  Most if not all said the stand looked good with many punters obviously taking time to look at the new banners one of which was fastened across the front of our tables with the other placed on top.  The punters tended to feed in at odd times mostly when the organised events outside had a break or finished.  This provided us with the opportunity to speak with the many other clubs in attendance whilst also providing us with the opportunity to get some welcome refreshments.  Some very good contacts were made that should we believe be beneficial to the club in the near future.


I unfortunately found myself on my back after the new walking stick chair recently purchased failed because of a manufacturing fault. For a moment I felt what I only describe as like a ''beached whale'' fortunately Bruce was on hand to save the day lifting me back onto my feet with nothing other than my pride dented.  


I was disappointed believing some of our members might have showed up to offer their support but for whatever reason to my knowledge non did.  



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