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The AGM was well supported even though on the day the North West had to cope with the worst storm of the year, causing much damage with winds touching 100mph.  Damage was evident driving to the venue with many trees suffering as a result including damage to the roofs of many houses.  Fortunately by the time most of us had to travel to the AGM venue it had subsided and most of the motorways and main roads were clear.  


On the night the Chairman promptly opened the meeting, starting by thanking all who had attended.  He then explained what a difficult year both he and the Secretary had experienced with the death of his son in a road accident and the more recent court case that obviously was a very trying time. The secretary had also sadly lost his wife after a very long illness with most of the time being in hospital.


• The Chairman continued with the Agenda by first asking members to observe a minutes silence in respect of passed members that was observed.


• Adoption of standard orders was proposed & seconded.


• An attendance record was passed around for members to add their names to.


Secretary’ Report;

• Apologies for absence were read out.

Minutes of the 2016 AGM were read, with them accepted unanimously as a true record.

• No correspondence of interest to the membership had been received.


Treasurers Report:

• Mike Harrison gave a comprehensive breakdown on the past years outgoings and income, with a number of printed report’s available for member’s perusal.

• The report was duly accepted by all members present.


Club Waters;

• Green Lane; Bruce indicated that we had plans to continue with the extension of the fence and path around to the back pool that should provide several more good pegs for members to explore this pool. This will mean moving the existing fence back approximately 1.5 metres with a lot of ground work required to form a good base for the path. Members were advised that we had been promised the loan of a Mini-Digger by Craig a friend of the Treasurer who just happens to have several of these on his local small holding. Members were advised a start on clearing the brambles from around the Laurels planted last year to form a windbreak had been done by a few club officails. It is our intention to lay a membrane to suppress the weed and brambles from growing again.  He indicated that we also intended to continue with the use of Dyofix (application already inserted) to combat the weed issue in the front pool with early raking to help stop it from growing.


• Heron Pool; The Chairman advised members that unfortunately due to many things the planned netting by the EA had to be postponed but it was our intention to continue with this at the first opportunity. Dependant on the outcome some transfer of fish might be possible if it felt the pool would benefit from it.  


• Moss Lane/Fryers; We have plans to strim and tidy Fryers A to improve pegs and the access. We will consider doing a survey of the fish stocks and transfer any should we feel necessary. A short discussion took place about Fryers B, with members advised it is very low in nutrients the result of the cottage septic tank and build of silt made up mainly of Oak leaves.  We had in the past tried to improve this water by adding Barley straw with minimal success, and concluded it needs a considerable costly plan to include de-silting and forming of a barrier to halt the overflow from the septic tank.


• Crookall’s; A short discussion took place, highlighting it was currently overgrown with grass/weed and contained little water.  Over previous years most thought the only way it could be resurrected would involve the costly purchase of a pond liner including work to prepare it prior to its insertion. This was not deemed possible given our modest finances.


Suspension of Standard Orders: this was proposed & seconded by members present.


Re-Election of Officers & Committee; The members present voted unanimously to retain all current ones.


Resolutions: Three resolutions submitted received a ‘’NO’’ vote, so were lost. A further one to have a Club Development Fund was voted ‘’FOR’’ so will be implemented.  


Club Website; the secretary being the person responsible for it, asked members to provide more information he can publish whilst also making more use of the Forum that is there for their use only.  He also advised those members who run their own businesses, there is a Links Page they can use to promote their business that other club members could if they needed any work doing find useful.


Collection for club Stocking Fund; members present dipped into their pockets to donate what can only be described as a significant amount of money towards the clubs existing Stocking Fund & new voted for on the night Development Fund.  Members will be kept informed on the progress of both during the coming year, decision on the use of the Development Fund to be agreed by the membership.


Other Business: Members were asked if anyone would be interested in joining the Committee with Neil Bowden agreeing to become a member. I am sure all of the membership will look forwards to Neil’s involvement in the running of the club whilst also wishing him the best.


Membership Renewal Payments; the last event on the Agenda for the night was for those present to pay their Membership Renewals with one person who was along as a guest choosing to join the club as a new member.    


The meeting closed @ 10.25pm.