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Updated 7th August 2019 - by Stan Harrison - Secretary



Venue: Peover Park, Knutsford Road, Over Peover.  


We attended the show with Neil Bowden, James Worsencroft and I making ourselves available to look after and manage the clubs stand.  Ground conditions were not perfect for the fair but firm enough for us to drive on if one stayed on the higher ground and avoided tracks made by other vehicles.  The wet weather forecast did not materialise with it remaining dry until we and the other stall owners decided to pack up mid-afternoon.  The throughput of punters was down on previous years but we did our best to attract those that came in the marquee and showing an interest in our stand.  Unfortunately, one of our team on the day felt unwell and it was decided he should go home about mid-day.  Some very good information was acquired from punters some of which I am pleased to say indicating they would be joining the club.  I am pleased and can confirm we did get five new members to sign with us on the day making it all a worthwhile exercise.  


It would appear from conversations we had many clubs are finding it difficult to attract and retain members with the result some are releasing fisheries.  Others again like us are finding it hard to keep on top of fishery maintenance because of a lack of volunteers to carryout maintenance work, there again the result of a drop in membership.  Hardest hit obviously is the bigger clubs those with lots of river stretches suffering with overgrown paths making it impossible for their members to get to the pegs.  We also have a similar problem although ours is nowhere near as bad, although when only 3 - 5 Committee members turn out and no members it makes planning and carrying out fishery maintenance extremely difficult. 18TH AUGUST, put it in your diaries because we have an Important Work Party on Green Lane to remove the troublesome weed in both pools.  It is also our intention to insert some Barley straw bales that overtime cleans and stops weed growing.  We also intend to review the Dyofix applications we currently insert to see whether any adjustments are required.