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Date Posted: 9th April 2017 - by Stan Harrison - Secretary.

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Work Party 9th April Green Lane


The officers of the club wish to offer their sincere thanks to all those members who turned up today including two friends of one of the members to carry out the planned work.  


Everyone got stuck in right from the very start following the customary work briefing.  Work started in earnest firstly on the pegs earmarked for repair with the removal of the flags that had become dangerous never mind to use as a fishing platform.  These were sloping downwards towards the water with some covered in moss that when wet would have been very dangerous to use. After their removal the front edge of each peg was reinforced with scaffolding poles and planks then back filled with soil to a level it with the surrounding banking. Once these have grassed over, that will be helped with a liberal dressing of a heavy duty grass seed members will again be able to use them in complete safety.


Other members present collected the winter debris that had fallen from trees burning it on the bonfire that was lit to get rid of it. Some also got stuck in removing the old fence at the back of the specimen pool in preparation for erecting a new one that was started immediately with new stakes being positioned and hammered in. This when finished will allow us to continue making the path around the back of the specimen pool giving members many more pegs for them to enjoy and explore this fishery.


In addition to the above other members mowed the grass on all the paths and strimmed other places, whilst others started digging out the bramble roots from around the Laurels planted last year.  


Credit has to go to all those who attended this work party for what was achieved, that it has to said was considerable on the day. It goes to show numbers do make a difference.


Those who for whatever reason did not bother to attend should take note and remember this is done for all members, not the few who volunteer and make themselves available to carry out this important work.