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Posted 13th April 2017 - by Stan Harrison - Secretary.


 9th April Work Party - Peg refurbishment:


Following the re-modeling work to the first 4-5 pegs on the right immediately through the small gate, it would appear what we hoped to achieve unfortunately on the day was misinterpreted.  


The plan as detailed in the Work Party Instruction Handout indicated to only remove the old flags that had become uneven and covered in moss that was making them dangerous, then level the ground returning them to as near as possible back to their natural state.  This then would have allowed us to carryout regular maintenance that as most know includes mowing the grass on and arround pegs, which I might add we intended to reinstate by re-seeding following the work.


As a result of this, a decision was made to remove the wooden structures that had been inserted around the pegs, returning them to how we envisaged they should look.


It is important to all who carried out this work that it is not the Clubs Officers wish to upset those who did this work when officers present should have clearly advised how the work should be carried out.


Being the clubs most Senior Officer & Secretary I take full responsibility for what happened, so would like to offer my sincere apologies to those who did this work.  I am hopeful and trust this will not change their views about attending future work parties.




Stan Harrison - Secretary