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Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to all those members who have gone out of their way to help the club achieve its goals to-date one in particular being the substantial increase in membership numbers.  The later is mainly the result of two recent important successful events the first being our attendance at the Cheshire Game & Angling Fair that was planned and organised by our chairman Andy (Bruce) Wemyss which attracted a number of new members and just as important promoted the club in the Cheshire and surrounding areas.  In addition we have been running the ‘’Special Membership Offer’’ that together has added almost a third more in percentage terms to our numbers.  This was implemented after being voted for at our AGM in June this year that has without doubt been more successful than most expected.  It has to be said some have joined knowing in addition to the clubs existing fisheries we acquired the fishing rights for Heron Pool that going by recent observations does appear to hold a very good head of mixed coarse fish with many specimens.  Work to clear it is ongoing that most will know initially was completely overgrown and requiring much work to open up pegs and remove the debris that had fallen in over many years.  This is planned to continue until we are satisfied enough has been done to maximise its potential. RULES: Members are reminded there are a number of very important rules we agreed to observe in our agreement with the owner of this fishery.   The most important to make sure the access gate is closed immediately after entering and exiting the car park.  This gate is now fitted with a heavy duty combination lock with the combination only available from the secretary.  Members must not under any circumstances divulge this to other members unless they have firstly sought permission from the secretary who is keeping a record of all members it has been given to.   Another is to make sure when walking to the pool from the car park to use the left hand side of the field to avoid damaging any planted crops.  All the ‘’Rules for Club Waters’’ are mostly commonsense ones that can be viewed on the clubs website.


Alan Cawley Rose Bowl match series; The attendance for the six match evening series fished on Green Lane this year was disappointing and surprising having proved so popular last year. The clubs officers and committee are trying to identify the reason for this and would welcome comments from members at ways to improve it for next year. The eventual winner was Kieran Hampshire one of our bailiffs who stuck to his favoured method for catching the pools carp. For those who have yet to participate in the series this is run to commemorate Alan’s memory, primarily as a social event with a trip to a local hostelry for some liquid refreshments afterwards forming an important part.  Those who knew and had the opportunity to socialise with Alan would know he would have been the first to get involved and thoroughly enjoyed the afters.  The committee is keen to continue looking at ways to improve the social side of the club with events that bring members together as we had hoped this would again but sadly on this occasion it failed miserably.


Green Lane: the weed on the front pool has been a problem for most of this year with nothing seeming to keep it down for long.  We do believe one of the reasons for this was the unfortunate delay inserting the Dyofix that should have been done at the end of February but was not applied until the end of April the result of the fisheries team working on Heron Pool.   We intend to continue using this next year although inserted earlier and after a concentrated raking program.   One bit of good news is following numerous communications with the Environment Agency I can at last report they are going to insert next February some Coir Weed Suppression Matting that they intend to trial to see whether it affects and/or stops it growing.   The area chosen is along the first part of the field banking where it suddenly drops down to the pool.  The matting will be submerged so it lies on the bottom and will be left in position until they decide whether the experiment has been successful or not.  This means they will on occasion visit to check so members are advised to make sure they have a valid EA licence.  It would be remiss of me not to thank those members and bailiffs who continue to do some excellent work in keeping Green Lane looking in the way most members who use this fishery have grown to expect.  Unfortunately two of these members have required extended periods of recuperation following hospital treatment but hopeful in the near future they will be fit enough to continue this important work. Just remember though when you are there enjoying the fishing and surroundings a lot of it is down to a few caring members.  In the meantime we have asked Kevin to give the pool a good strimming and general tidy up; some will remember him as a member until last year when family matters had to take preference over fishing.  Unfortunately once again this has been delayed as a result of Kevin’s new addition being rushed into hospital.  I am sure you will all join me in wishing the baby a speedy recovery and to let Kevin know we wish him and his family the very best.   One thing that has been reasonably successful on this water is the catch return box; with some members taking time to fill in a form to record their catch.  However the latest observations of the number collected indicate there is room for improvement.  It is still early days but members should know the information is being collated by Andy Topham one of our Bailiff’s and Committee member who will at some point in the near future report his findings to the clubs officers and committee.  This information will we hope indicate whether we need to add or remove fish to improve the fishery for members.


Moss Lane/Crookalls: Sadly the leak still exists in Crookalls and is proving extremely difficult to locate and repair no matter what we try. It has to be said we have not given up on this water but are finding it difficult to justify planning work there when we have the other waters that presently are more viable and worthy of concentrating on.  The determination of the committee and some older members will as indicated make sure in the future this fishery is restored.  The other pools on the other side of the lane especially the smaller one of the two has again provided some excellent fishing with many fish caught in the teens of pounds and shouldn’t be overlooked by members. The other pool nearest the cottage does have a clean Environment Agency bill of health but is badly silted up with Oak leaves that are affecting the pools ecology.  The EA have advised us to have this removed though the cost of hiring a contractor is not possible at this time given our limited funds.  


Bailiffs: I am pleased to be able to tell members we now have 6-7 on the team following recent website advertising. They are already doing an excellent job by making sure the clubs waters are fished by members only and kept tidy and rubbish free.  Members can help by making sure they are in possession of a valid membership card plus EA licence when asked to produce them.  Litter I am glad to say is mostly a thing of the past although on occasion we do find drink cans and other rubbish thrown under the hedges and trees obviously in the mis-guided belief no one will see them?  This is something that really upsets me and many others.  Empty cans weigh nothing making them easier to take home or alternatively deposited in the new rubbish bin near the Green Lane entrance.  Poaching; we do have an ongoing problem with a local lad who we know has been banned by just about every club in the area and reported to the Police. If you come across this person or anyone else acting suspiciously or in the act of removing fish UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES try to apprehend or get involved in any verbal’s, instead immediately ring the Police and tell them a criminal act is ongoing and you need Urgent help. If possible make a note of any parked vehicle registration numbers, make, model, colour or any distinguishing marks that could prove useful to Police if they leave before they arrive?  


Secretary: I am pleased to be able to report the club continues to grow its membership numbers helped in part by the Cheshire Game & Angling Fair and recent special free membership offer that has increased membership to a more acceptable level that is expected to continue.  This undoubtedly has been helped by the knowledge of us now having Heron Pool that at the moment is of an unknown quantity. The committee is continuing within the clubs limited finances to attract more members whilst also finding money to purchase much needed power tools for fishery maintenance. The clubs fisheries do require much work to maintain and improve so any financial help or tools members can provide or loan would obviously be very welcome.


Generating additional income to help towards the added outlay for Heron Pool was something officers and committee deemed important with us currently only having membership subscriptions to rely on as a source of income. One idea put forward by Bruce our chairman was to sell clothing plus accessories embellished with a club logo that we all agreed should be looked into.   Bruce having come up with the idea decided he would run with it and firstly would find someone to create a club logo which he promptly did that is now in use by the club.  At the same time he explored the market for a clothing company that could supply what we required with our new logo printed on them.  The first of which being shown and delivered at our (AGM) in June this year when everybody agreed they were very good quality and looked excellent with the new logo.  Pictures of the more popular items can be found and viewed on our website. These are temporary pictures with better ones being readied to replace them.  Members wishing to order any items should contact the chairman Andy (Bruce) Wemyss by using one of the following; Mob: 07973396231 or email: At this point it would be remiss of me not to remind members of the considerable effort Bruce your chairman went to in sorting and implementing all of this that must have been trying with him firstly having a business to run then commuting from his home in Herefordshire.   Members can show their support for his efforts and club by placing an order the proceeds of which you can be assured will be used to help maintain and pay for our fisheries.


There is another person who rarely gets much in the way of praise but is always there to help when needed and regularly goes out of his way to make sure the clubs work party tools are delivered to-site when they are required.  That person is Mike Harrison the club Treasurer who when in attendance at work parties is one of the first to get stuck in and last too stop after usually having done much more than his fair share of work. Whilst at a recent work party on Heron Pool he stood in the water for several hours in chest waders removing branches that were fouling swims only to find when he eventually emerged that he was soaked from head to foot. His waders had obviously seen better days so he was told to bin them and purchase a new pair out of club funds that was deemed the least we could do considering what he does for the club.


‘’New Club Website’’ this is doing exactly what we hoped it would by firstly advertising the club then providing relevant and current information for members.  This was a big step the committee embarked on to make sure South Manchester Angling Club – The Original had its own identity not to be confused with anyone else using a similar name. Anyone logging on to our new website now or in the future should quickly realise they have found the one they were looking for by the quality of design and more importantly content. We hope in future it will provide a useful source of income for the club by providing advertising space for members, those with their own business or the companies they work for along with our own shop selling new and second-hand goods. Those members who are fortunate enough to run their own business will be encouraged to do this with adverts costing as little as £20 per year.  For this miniscule amount they will have their own online advert that will not only be seen by members their families and relatives but anyone else browsing our website. You do not have to clever to realise this could provide for a few pence per day a welcome source of extra revenue. This will be available to member’s local tackle shop owners, shops and companies whether large or small who know the benefits advertising offers. Having this number of potential new customers is not to be missed. Those interested or requiring further information should contact the Secretary for more information, all enquiries will be treated in the strictest confidence.


Finally: I am pleased to say once again that the club after many years of being led in the wrong direction by a number of selfish individuals has now almost fully recovered which is evident by our increased membership numbers plus acquisition of Heron Pool. There is more to be done to make the club into what many see a significantly better alternative than dragging, note I did not say fishing F1 Carp out of Commercials every other week.  As a result of our continuing success it does mean we do now need to grow our committee numbers and would welcome interest from members who believe they could make a difference, Can You?  If you wish to discuss this then please contact Stan Harrison - Secretary ASAP.