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Posted: 24th December 2014


2014 Chairman’s End of Year Report


It's been a year of ups and downs. On the one hand the club has continued to grow and our membership now stands at over eighty and we have acquired a new water. This in no small part is due to the drive and determination of our Honorary secretary Stan Harrison, who has worked tirelessly in these fields.  However despite the increase in numbers there seems a lack of general interest in club affairs.


The new water  " Heron Pool " is a good example. We acquired the rights to this interesting water back in March and made plans to open up the water and have it ready for the start of the new season in June.  In order to achieve this aim we needed to have work parties and because it is a new water we expected a lot of interest. We were to be disappointed. The work fell mainly to usual suspects. This situation is not fair. When new members join the club they are told that they are joining a club and not an association and are expected to attend some work parties. We all need to pull together.


The Summer Match Series, so successful last year was on the whole badly attended this year. The idea behind this venture is more to integrate members than to produce a first rate match outfit, hence the request for members to come along  for a beer afterwards.We will run the series again next year, so please come along and support us.


On a positive note our attendance at the Game and Angling Fair at Peover Hall was a great success, as well as attracting a few new members we were able to strike up a dialogue with Altrincham Anglers and agreed to share information on poachers in the area ( both AA and ourselves have had a problem with a particular individual).


There has been a notice on the web site advertising a weekend trip to Loch Ken in south west Scotland (two and a half hours from Manchester) this coming spring, to date baring the usual suspects (long established members) there have been no takers. In years gone bye these trips have proved a great success and cemented many long friendships, again don't be put off by thinking that somehow your angling expertise or lack of will somehow put you at a disadvantage. It's not a trip about who can catch the most or biggest fish it's about building our club of which we are all of an equal part. Perhaps you might think that such a large expanse of water is beyond your capabilities. This is not the case, it's simply a matter of scaling up and there will be experienced hands along to point the way. So come and give it a try.


We will continue to improve the fisheries in the next twelve months for the benefit of all members and as part of these plans we intend to build a pathway around the left hand bank of Green Lane to take advantage of the hard work carried out on the adjacent pegs. We also intend to create around four pegs at the back of the rear pond at Green Lane and make easier access via gates to the right of the water allowing anglers to bypass the cow drink.


On Heron Pool we intend to remove the remaining underwater snags and time permitting net the water to view the existing stock.  On both waters we would like to see some more colour, so if any members with green fingers have access to flowers,shrubs or seeds then please let us know as we wish to make the waters as attractive as possible


All that remains for me now on behalf of the committee and myself is to wish you all a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


Bruce Wemyss

Chairman SMAC