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Bailiff Team



Head Bailiff: Roy Mills

Being retired and resident of Knutsford combined with his willingness to maintain the clubs fisheries made Roy an easy choice when it was decided to re-appoint him as Head Bailiff.  Whilst doing the job previously he became a regular face around the club fisheries  with him being someone always willing to stop for a chat or provide advice. As before we know at every opportunity he will visit the fisheries to check those fishing are valid members and are in possession of an EA licence.  Just as important is to make sure members are abiding by the rules and not flouting them as has happened in the past. After work parties he will as before spend time making sure anything is removed so the fishery remains in the condition members expect to find them. Now Roy is head bailiff again the club is keen for the bailiff team at sometime in the near future to produce a monthly report that we intend using to improve facilities for members. We expect Roy when he has had time to settle back into the job to arrange the other bailiffs so they can work more effectively together.  This is  more relevant now Heron Pool is open that will require a similar level of management as other club fisheries.



Bailiff: Ben Gunshon

Ben has not been a member of the club for long but in the short time he has his willingness to get involved and take an interest in everything going on in club has not gone unnoticed that officials have welcomed. He might be one of our younger members but his enthusiasm to get stuck in is very encouraging.  He can also do a bit of fishing having caught many specimen fish whilst doing all-nighters on Green Lane with Kevin our previous head bailiff.  The clubs committee welcome him as a bailiff and look forward to working closely in the important role he has agreed to take on board in the future.  



Bailiff: Alan Lord:

Alan has been an active member since joining the club and regular visitor to our Green Lane fishery were he enjoys the peace and quiet and enjoyable fishing it provides.  He is not too concerned about what he catches and is just as happy putting a few tiddlers in his net as catching the larger specimens. His day job involves him in looking after Joe public in the Manchester area and making sure those who step out of line are taken off the streets. The club’s membership and committee are very pleased to accept Alan’s wishes to become a bailiff and know Roy our Head Bailiff is happy he is on board and keen to work with him.  The strength of our bailiff team with the introduction of Alan has now increased significantly that the committee feel is now able to adequately manage the clubs fishery assets.



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