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It is with great sadness that I have to advise all club members that Noel Lees - The Club President sadly passed away on the 3rd October 2018.  Noel was one of our original and probably oldest club members who joined at the same time as his dad when the club was in its infancy with it then known as Chorlton United Services Club. Noel and his family used to spend many happy hours in the club thoroughly enjoying the entertainment and fortnightly fishing matches we held throughout the year.  Noel and his dad like many others supported the club by attending the matches but both like many other of our members were more interested in pleasure fishing.  His dad was even responsible for the club aquiring its first club fishery that was on land owned by his employer who had a farm in Goostrey Cheshire.  Many hours fishing on what was only a small pool in a field was at the time thoroughly enjoyed by the membership.  


Noel worked for more than 30 years at Massey Fergusons in Trafford Park who for those not familar with the name manufactured farm tractors and other machinery.  Noel loved a few pints of good beer and used to spend many happy evenings sampling it with Dave Crookall our previous club secretary who sadly is also not with us anymore.


Noel suffered in his later life with many heath issues that stopped him from attending club meetings and participating in the sport he loved.  However he never forgot the club and 2 years ago made a significant financial donation to the club that he had originally planned to leave us in his will but decided it would do the club more good to give it to us early.  This was a welcome boost to the clubs finances that allowed the club to purchase some much needed stock fish including tools and equipment for use on work parties, one such item being a much needed large format printer including laminator to allow me to produce larger posters and advertising materials.  


Not many current members would have had known or had the opportunity to meet Noel who I know if they had would never have forgotten him. His soft voice and authoritative mannerisim helped on many occasions to rescue discussions that at times got a bit heated during committtee meetings.  I cannot remember ever hearing anyone say a wrong word about him that to me says a lot about the man.


Words cannot express what myself and other older members are feeling at this time who did know and have the opportunity to spend lots of time with Noel a much loved friend, member and club President who sadly will be missed but never forgotten.


Our thoughts go out to his adoring wife Rose and family during this difficult time.


                    Stan Harrison - Secretary - Club Founder - Vice President.