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 Secretary - Stan Harrison

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 79 Blackburne Close

 Longbarn, Padgate



 WA2 0PJ

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Committee Members:



Paul Jackson: is reletively new to the committee but has been a club member for many years firstly joining as a junior. Over the years he has become known for his boisterous and happy go lucky demeanour that most find enjoyable resulting in him being and remaining a close friend of many club members and officials.  As a result it was easy to get him onto the committee that we all know he is enjoying being a part of.  One thing that everybody remembers when his name is mentioned is that person who tends to be a bit loud and laughs at just about anything.  He is larger than most sizewise which is benificial when there is any heavy manual work required which is the case on many work parties


Roy Mills: Roy is no stranger to most of our members with him previously being Head bailiff and on the committee. Unfortunately this recently ended when as we all do from time to time get itchy feet with a wish to move elsewhere but for whatever reason it did not happen.  Being such a good worker for the club the door was left open should things not work out and we are pleased to confirm he is back doing what he did for the club before. So once again he will be attending committee meetings helping improve the club for the benefit of the membership whilst also keeping an eye on the clubs fishery assets and those fishing to make sure they have the right to be there.  We expect him to continue as he has in the past keeping the fisheries clear of litter and doing minor maintenance work that is on occasion required.  He also likes to do a bit of coarse fishing himself when he can find time and is not averse to pulling out a fly rod when the trout are showing in our local rivers. He has taken an interest in the club from the day he joined making the decision to re-instate him as head bailiff whilst also joining the committee easy to make.  I am sure all other club officers and committee members will at the first opportunity welcome him back.


Paul Hindley: Paul is a resident of Knutsford who just happens to live close to our fisheries and decided to join the club after finding our website online.  He firstly decided to visit our waters to have a look after which he did not hesitate in applying for membership.  In the short time he has been a member he has involved himself in two of our recent work parties putting in a good stint on both occasions. During a brief chat with Bruce our chairman he indicated his keenness to involve himself more in the running of the club.  Bruce our chairman on hearing this took the opportunity to invite him to attend our most recent committee meeting and I am pleased to announce he agreed to join the committee after receiving a unanimous vote. I am sure members will join me in taking this opportunity to welcome him on-board.


Neil Bowden: Neil agreed at the clubs recent AGM to join the committee after the chairman asked for new committee members to help bolster numbers. Obviously the committee and officers of the club are pleased with his decision to join us and will welcome his input and help in running of the club.  Niel is fairly new to the club but has since joining made his presence known at work parties offering and doing more than expected of him.  We are sure he will be an assett to the club so we trust members will support and help him if required. 


Mike Walker: Our newest committee member decided to join after being asked if he would be interested when he came to the last meeting with Roy Mills his longtime freind. Mike has attended just about all of the work parties since he joined the club and has recently also put his name forward to join Roy's evening team.  For those who do not know Roy's team will be doing midweek general maintenance on the clubs fisheries. This will over time reduce the amount of general maintenance work allowing those on the work party to concentrate on planned fishery improvements.  Mike has already proved to be an assett to the club so I trust all members will support him if asked.