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Posted: 2nd May 2015 - Secretary


The clubs fisheries as most members know where originally stocked by several clubs prior to us taking them over so we do not know what species or quantities they hold.  As one would expect some natural breeding has occurred over the years boosting stocks whilst there has also been a reduction of others resulting from natural means.


We could guesstimate but prefer instead to have some figures to work with if we are to get the balance right, hence why Bruce our (chairman) has made and attached to the Green Lane & Heron Pool notice boards what we like to call Catch Return Boxes. These contain forms including a writing implement (pencil) to enable members to report what they have caught. The forms have been designed in a way to make them easy to complete with them taking just a few minutes of members time.


These will be collected regularly with one of our members kindly agreeing to enter the information into a spreadsheet so it can be collated and analysed with reports being extracted and made available to the committee. We are hopeful these will allow the club to accurately access fish stocks in the future so we can plan ahead to either add or remove certain species.


Members should know that improving and maintaining the clubs fisheries is something we take very seriously so members help in achieving this would be welcomed.