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Green Lane Fishery

Extension of Path to back of Specimen Pool.

Members have previously been made aware the club intends to extend the field path to the back of the Specimen Pool.  Apart from improving access for members this will also when completed allow us make an additional number of pegs for members to further explore more its potential.  


Dates for work parties will be posted in the near future with what we hope will attract a good attendance.  The construction will involve the removal and repositioning of existing fence's including earth works to form the path.  To help with the work we will have  a mini-digger onsite including other equipment to level and compact the path ready for seeding.


The construction will require lots of materials, to include:  

• Used scaffolding planks or railway sleepers to retain path edge next to the pool.

• Scaffolding poles for supports.

• Round wooden fencing stakes new & replacements.


If members can help supply any of the above then they should contact the secretary who will be pleased to dicuss and arrange collection, if required.





Unfortunately I have report a family of Mink have taken up residence at Green Lane.  Most will know these are classed as vermin and can do lots of damage if nothing is done to eradicate them.  We have notified Knight Frank who are the Crowns Estates land managers, who have given us permission to do what is necessary to get rid of them as detailed below.


Following advice the club have purchased two cage traps that have been set and positioned in area's we are aware they habit. These are being inspected morning and evening by our bailiffs to make sure anything caught is either released or humanely dispatched. We also have permission to allow a members friend who does vermin control for a local farmer to see if he can get rid of them.


Members frequenting the fishery estimate there could be 4-5 that unless something is done about them they will breed resulting in a substantial increase in numbers.  The coming months are their breeding season so it’s imperative we deal with them quickly.


Members are advised to stay away from and not to interfere with the cage traps as Mink will not go near them if they smell anything untoward..

Green Lane Waste Bin


It has become necessary to remove the Waste Bin after being abused by not only members but those passing or stopping at the fishery. On Monday 29th June whilst our bailiff was checking the fishery he found the bin liner had been removed and contents strewn everywhere to make room so more rubbish could be put in it. Whilst clearing this mess it was obvious from the contents i.e. doggy bag + items not normally associated with fishing that

non - members had also been using it.  


This follows reports over the last few weeks from Bailiffs that it has needed to be emptied twice a week that I trust you will agree is not acceptable hence our decision to remove it completely.  Club officers had noticed soon after it  was deployed that several night fishing permit holders were using it to depose of food containers empty cans & bottles instead of taking their rubbish home. This will now have to stop with there being nowhere to dispose of them.


My view on this subject cannot be documented without me probably getting a man in blue calling at the house.  So will only say this really annoys me to such an extent that those responsible if found and proved guilty will have their membership terminated with immediate effect.



Posted: 2nd May 2015 - Secretary


The clubs fisheries as most members know where originally stocked by several clubs prior to us taking them over so we do not know what species or quantities they hold.  As one would expect some natural breeding has occurred over the years boosting stocks whilst there has also been a reduction of others resulting from natural means.


We could guesstimate but prefer instead to have some figures to work with if we are to get the balance right, hence why Bruce our (chairman) has made and attached to the Green Lane & Heron Pool notice boards what we like to call Catch Return Boxes. These contain forms including a writing implement (pencil) to enable members to report what they have caught. The forms have been designed in a way to make them easy to complete with them taking just a few minutes of members time.


These will be collected regularly with one of our members kindly agreeing to enter the information into a spreadsheet so it can be collated and analysed with reports being extracted and made available to the committee. We are hopeful these will allow the club to accurately access fish stocks in the future so we can plan ahead to either add or remove certain species.


Members should know that improving and maintaining the clubs fisheries is something we take very seriously so members help in achieving this would be welcomed.

Posted: 30th June 2015 - by Secretary

Posted: 12th August 2015 - by Secretary


Roy Mills our head bailiff reported and showed me at the Work Party on the 9th August several extra large Barbed & Eyed Sea Fishing Hooks the type used for  Big Game Sea Fishing he had found lying on the bank adjacent to the specimen pool at Green Lane earlier in the week.


These should not under any circumstances be used for fishing at this or any of the clubs fisheries.  Members found using hooks obviously meant for sea fishing can expect to be severely dealt with by the clubs officers & committee.  I will even go as far as saying  these should not be used anywhere in the UK for fishing because if found by the Environment Agency you will be prosecuted with the expectation of some serious consequences.


So if you are responsible for these being found then you are advised to check & remove any you might still have in your possession.  If found with such items the clubs bailiffs are instructed to confiscate then advise the member they will be reported whilst requesting they leave the fishery immediately.


Using illegal tackle of any type is not condoned by the Officers & Committee of the club with termination of membership the likely outcome for anyone breaking club and/or Environment Agency rules.



Posted: 8th February 2017 - by Secretary

Mink Investation at Green Lane!




Posted: 8th February 2017 - by Secretary