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Much work of late has gone into extending the field path to the rear of the specimen pool that required the use of a mini-digger loaned to the club by a good friend of Mike our Treasurer.  Without this the extension of the path would not have been possible with it requiring the removal and re-distribution of many tons of earth.  Most if not all of the heavy ground work has now been completed following the last work party on the 25th June when the club hired a Rotovator & Roller to level and prepare the ground for seeding. There is still some minor tidying of path edges and levelling to be carried out including erection of the boundary fence before the extra 3 - 4  pegs can be formed.  




Fishing from this bank has in the past been extremely difficult with a very uneven ploughed field to negotiate only to find little or no room between the fence and pool to fish.  The path including the pegs when finished will we hope provide some more excellent fishing opportunities for our members on what is a very popular fishery complex.


I have on many occasions expressed my thoughts and those of the clubs officers about the lack lustre attendance we get on work parties, but it seems to just fall on deaf ears.  By not attending planned work takes much longer and some has to be postponed as a result. There is only so much a handful of mostly club officers and a few members can do on there own!


So if you find the place overgrown with grass and weed it’s because some members cannot be bothered to offer there help for a few hours on a Sunday morning.

Posted: 07 April 2016 - Stan Harrison - Secretary




Members will I trust have noticed that some planting has taken place around the front pool to improve its overall appearance for both the short & long term. Bruce and I purchased at our own expense a selection of perennial bulbs/flowers some of which are currently flowering. Over the coming months more will appear especially on the right hand side following the line of hedge of the front pool and around the trees between the two pools.


In addition a quantity of laurels have been planted in the middle and along the top of the field bank. These we hope in the future will form a windbreak giving some protection for members fishing the pegs along this bank. One thing worthy of a mention is that these do need time to bed in and get established so members are asked to avoid disturbing them. Particular attention must be given by those working with Lawnmowers or Strimmer’s in the future to make sure the area's planted are avoided. Roy our head bailiff is aware of those in question who should be asked if in doubt.


As per the vote at the AGM to introduce Bream into Green Lane, I can confirm 200 have been ordered and will when delivered be placed in the front pool.


In the coming weeks (weather permitting) we intend to continue the construction of the path around the back of the field to give better access to the specimen pool. This will require use of an earth moving machine that we intend to hire to make the work easier. This should enable us to create a small number of extra pegs on this important pool whilst also improving access. Dates for work parties to carry out this work will be notified as usuall.


One final thing to advise members is that Heron Pool is currently closed, as per our contract with Lees Growers the landowners.  



MOB: 07767 272403


Updated: 2nd July 2017 - Stan Harrison - Secretary