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Posted: 7th December 2017 - by Stan Harrison - Club Secretary.




I am pleased to confirm that our Grant application submitted to Knutsford Town Council has been 100% successful.  Bruce our chairman attended the evening meeting on the clubs behalf at the Council Offices in Knutsford.  After an intense grilling (his words) he was told we would be receiving the full amount we had applied for. At this point I would hope all members will offer their sincere thanks to Bruce your (Chairman) for firstly attending the evening meeting after a hard day’s work and for what must have been a trying time answering all of the questions he found himself being bombarded with.  


This now means those projects the club has already started including those still in the planning stages can now go ahead as we had hoped.  For those who do not know this will be the second monetary grant application submitted to Knutsford Town Council that has been successful. The club put the previous one to good use with the construction of a path around the field banking of the front pool that included erection of a fence to separate and protect it from the yearly agricultural land cultivation next to it.  Many members have found this extremely beneficial with it opening up and giving access to many more fishing places. More importantly is that members can now move along this banking safely without the risk of seriously hurting themselves through falling into one of the deep ploughing furrows that this bank suffered from.


The latest grant will mainly be spent on completing the path around to what we refer to as the back or specimen pool, which when finished will give better access for members to the rich fishing available in this pool.


I have on the clubs behalf thanked the council previously for the first grant awarded and will again for this one when I receive official confirmation in writing. Without this money we would not be able to improve our fisheries for members who are mostly residents of Knutsford, however I would like to think all members will agree with what I submit in writing offering our sincere thanks to the Town Council for their continued support.


Members requiring more detailed information about the grant should email me i.e. Stan the Club Secretary who will be pleased to help.