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Three committee members one being myself visited Heron Pool on Saturday 30th March for a pre-arranged meeting with a member who for whatever reason did not attend. The time though was not wasted with the three us taking the opportunity to walk around the pool identifying work needing to be done that soon became apparent was a lot more than what we had originally thought. One important issue we all agreed needing to be addressed urgently is the low water level which is the result of a drainage ditch being dug and opened up last year at the top end of the pool. This we intend to address next Sunday 7th April with the aid of a length of pipe that someone kindly left on-site when they did the drainage ditch work.


The survey carried out identified many obstructions under the water that as a result of the low water level can be clearly seen that will need removing some requiring more than just manpower to pull them out. One being what looks likes the remains of an old field fence that is several metres in length. There is also some blocks/lumps of concrete that when removed can be re-used to level up some of the pegs.  


Then there is lots of overhanging branches including trees and shrubs that will need removing that have grown completely out of control the result of not receiving any maintenance.  Then there are what can only be described as the dreaded brambles everywhere, that will require the aid of a machine to remove properly.  Most if not all of the pegs require some ground levelling work, this to make them reasonably comfortable and suitable for members use.  


One pleasing thing noticed whilst doing the survey/investigation work was the numbers of sizable carp in the pool that for those who like to fish for them would have made their mouths water.  


Lots and lots of work is required that cannot be done by just your committee with at best one or two members, so if you wish to enjoy this fishery when it re-opens again after the close season, please volunteer your services to help with this important work.  


Work Party dates will be posted in the near future on the website so anyone interested should check on a regular basis.



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Post: 1st April 2019 - by Stan Harrison - Secretary