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As indicated in the survey posted last week it was our intention to return the following Sunday to carry out the work required to bring the water level back to what it was before the ditch work was carried out last year.  The club I might add did not know about this work that resulted in a drastic reduction in the water level. If we had we could have offered advice on how best to carry it out without reducing the level so much.


The same three old members who did the survey, all I might add pensioners i.e. Neil Bowden, Mike Walker & me turned up to do the work required which I am pleased to report has been accomplished. There is still a little bit of cosmetic work to be done to make it blend in with the surroundings, but the main issue of stopping water emptying and lowering the water level has now been resolved.


I would at this time like to personally thank Neil & Mike for their considerable efforts in doing what was heavy manual work digging mostly clay to firstly fill the ditch to raise the level then to insert a length of pipe to maintain the water level which then needed to be covered over.  Unfortunately my contribution was very limited because of my ongoing health issues which stopped me from giving them much in the way of help.   They even came to my rescue after the back legs of the chair I was taking a rest on decided to sink into the ground leaving me on my back in the brambles resembling what some would say a beached whale!  Just one word for my un-planned excursion ''embarrassing''.


Old age its nothing to look forward to believe me.

Heron Pool Survey Update.

Post ammended: 10th April 2019 - by Stan Harrison-- Secretary.