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 79 Blackburne Close

 Longbarn, Padgate



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IMPORTANT: Members are politely reminded it is that time of the year when they need to renew their club membership.  Failure to renew could mean having to re-apply for membership with the extra admin charges involved.  


COVID-19 outbreak, I do have a message from the clubs officers & committee about the Coronavirus outbreak that is currently having an effect on most of us.  Our priority first and foremost has to be the health & safety of the membership so with immediate effect all meetings and work parties are suspended until further notice.   We do applogise for this action but feel it necessary under the the circumstances.  Members who still wish to enjoy the clubs fisheries are politely reminded to avoid contact with other members and to make sure pegs fished are cleared of any personal rubbish before leaving. All rubbish must be taken home to be discarded in members own refuse bins.


We do appologise to members affected by these actions but feel its right given the rapidy changing and evolving circumstances that we do believe are necessary.   The clubs officers wish members to know we extend our thoughts to those already affected.  


We are grateful for members continued support and understanding and wish you and your families all the best.  

Fishery News:

Members visiting Green Lane for the first time this year will notice the work party team have been busy strimming to clear brambles and the paths of weed etc.  The pools have also had the first applications of Dyofix applied that has been significantly increased in the front pool with us also putting one in the back pool for the first time.  In addition, following recommendation by Dyofix we have applied a new product named Biofix that is specifically formulated to get rid of the slimy surface weed we had on the back pool last year.  The combination of these we hope will allow and give members much more chance of enjoying the quality fishing both of these pools can produce.


All this has come at a cost with the money raised from members renewals to-date for the New Development Fund already used.  Further ammounts paid with existing members renewal contributions will be used for other items deemed necessary or those needed to further improve the clubs fisheries.  One such item already purchased is a Harrow, for those not sure what this is then I will explain.  It was a device used in the past by farmers to break up the top surface of fields to make ready the ground for sowing crops.  It is our intention is to drag this back and forwards across the pools to break up and restrict growth of the problematic weed we have had over past years.  We do however still need a heavy duty winch ideally one with a 12 or 240volt electric motor to pull this which the club are currently in the process of trying to find at the right price.  Should any member have one lying around in their shed or garage they are willing to donate to the club then please let the secretary know. The item needed is the type used on recovery vehicles to winch broken down cars on to the trailer or like the ones mounted on the front bumpers of the older Range Rovers to recover equipment.


Members walking around the back pool should notice a large number of privet hedging has been planted adjacent to the new fence previously installed.  These when established will we hope provide a windbreak whilst helping to reduce the excess nutrient run off from the field into the pool.  I purchased these for the club in the knowledge that club finances are currently limited because of other cost already incurred.  





Members are advised we have added a new position to the clubs management team i.e. Fisheries Manager that I am pleased to say was filled at the recent AGM by Andy Horsfield a new member who joined last year.  Andy has lots of ground maintenance experience and working with power tools that is needed to carry out this important job.  I am sure members will when required give Andy all the help required.

Update 28th March 2020 by Stan Harrison - Secretary.




1.    CLUB NOTICE BOARD; members are advised all of the posters have been updated and should be read carefully because they address some important issues members should note.


2.    2019 Membership Cards; have now expired and should be disposed of.  Bailiffs will be checking members cards actively especially over the next month to check whether cards are valid, if yours has expired do not bother going to the clubs fisheries.  Members with expired cards are barred from fishing club waters and will be expected to leave the fishery and not return until they have renewed their club membership. Club officials have extended the renewal period because of the recent Cofid-19 heath issues but that has now finished.  


3.   Fishery Maintenance Development Fund; all Members renewing are reminded that in addition to the fee due they are now expected to contribute a mandatory fee of £5.00 towards the clubs new fishery Fund.


4.   Membership Pricing; one of the new posters covers pricing that should be carefully noted after the changes at the last AGM. A resolution was also submitted that received a unanimous vote for juniors i.e. 11-16 year olds to join the club for free.  So if you have youngster who might be interested in trying his hand at a bit of fishing then he can join the club for free and fish all the fisheries.  He will be required to fill in a membership application form and send it to me so I can generate and issue him with a membership card.


5.   Environment Agency Licence Pricing; members will note there is a Poster detailing a comprehensive price list of charges to purchase a licence.  Members are reminded of the importance of having one with the penalty of a £2500.00 fine not something most anglers would not wish to receive through their letterbox. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.    


6. HERON POOL; the planned extensive work for this fishery had to be put on hold the result of the Cofid-19 virus outbreak.  Club officials are now keen to make preparations in time for when we can arrange a work party on this important club fishery so we are asking for interested members to submit their names and volunteer to attend. Members willing to do this should email or text Stan the secretary using one of the following: Email: [email protected] or Text Mobile: 07767272403.