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POSTED: 28th December 2013.

                                                                                                               URGENT INFORMATION


Firstly I wish to take this opportunity to wish you and your families all the very best for a Happy New Year.  This year has been challenging but some positives have come out of it the first being the acquisition of Heron Pool which I am sure will become a very popular fishery when it opens on the 16th June.


The second is the creation of a new website that started well but overtime became a disaster for many reasons the upshot being we had to start from scratch again. As a result it has taken longer than expected but now pleased to be able to report we have a brand new live Website with new domain address i.e.  This should be copied and pasted into your browser then ‘’Bookmarked’’ or saved to your ‘’Favourites’’ so you can use it in the future.  


PLEASE MAKE SURE THE OLD ADDRESS IS DELETED FROM YOUR SYSTEM. The reason for this is that some members have been connecting to our new website after firstly connecting to our old one then via a link they inserted. Please avoid doing this as they benefit from the number of hits to their website pushing them up the (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation rankings and ‘’US’’ South Manchester Angling Club –The Original down!  Something none of us wish to happen.


Plenty of work is still required transferring content and making it work properly that will be done ASAP, in the meantime I will continue posting news items and anything else club related.  Members should start by familiarising themselves with the new one and if they wish use the ‘’Forum’’ that firstly you will need to enter your details before it can be used.  It is worth remembering the website is yours that as a member you are encouraged to use and if possible provide ideas on how it can be further improved that you can be assured will be welcomed.


Stan Harrison - Secretary