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It was with great sadness that I received the news of the death of our President Noel Lees .


            I first met Noel as a junior back in 1971 when I applied to join the club. As the season was already under way Noel refused to accept my offer of subscription (about 50p) as he felt that it was not fair to take my money and instead said that I would be welcome to fish the club water and attend the matches. Being very enthusiastic and having just started angling I accepted his generous offer and booked on the next match.


            The next match was on the river Witham at Kirkstead Bridge in Lincolnshire. In those days the matches were four hours in duration but it took us about four and a half hours to get there! and the same back. After the match the blokes went in to the pub leaving the junior members sitting outside (kids weren’t allowed in pubs in those days). After a short  while Noel came outside with glasses of lemonade for all the juniors ( about nine of us ) This caring and considerate attitude I was to discover was to be a hall mark of his leadership of the club.


            Noel was alway fair when it came to dealing with differences of opinion at club meetings and had away of bringing warring parties together to arrive at an amicable solution for the benefit of the club. On occasions Noel was challenged

for the Chairmanship at the clubs AGM’s but always prevailed...... a credit to his popularity and fairness


            As a fisherman Noel was no fool and was a dab hand at fishing a stick float particularly on the River Trent where white maggots were his preferred attack. On one occasion when fishing a match at Elton Reservoir (Bury) Noel caught a wellington boot whilst ledgering I was four pegs to his left and his silhouette resembled birthday cards of that ilk.


            In later life he formed one of the three old stalwarts along with Stan Harrison and Dave Crookall with a joint age of 212 who carried out weekly work parties at Green Lane always followed by a pint on the way home, another of Noel’s favourite pastimes.


           As has been mentioned by Stan. Noel had left the club £ 1000.00 in his will but then decided that he would give us the money sooner so changed his will.


           I took over from Noel as Chairman and have tried to live up to the very high standards that he set and at times when required I have sort his council over difficult problems that have from time to time occurred within the club.


           I think you can see from the above that all that knew Noel held him in high esteem. He will be sadly missed by all that had the good fortune to have known him.


             My thoughts are with his lovely wife Rose and family

                             Bruce Wemyss - Chairman SMAC