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Unfortunately I had another call from the owners of Lees growers to say that they had spotted yet again the same two people fishing Heron Pool illegally.  Once again they had parked their car in the entrance to the car park completely blocking it.  I immediately contacted our bailiffs who arrived in time to challenge the two fishing who were told to pack up and leave after being told what would happen if they were found there again.  The police including the Environment Agency have been given full details who have indicated they intend to speak to them and will if necessary take any action required.  Following their removal our bailiffs visited Lees Growers to advise what had been done and to thank the owners for their prompt action .



Lees Growers the owners of Heron Pool have reported to me that they found two anglers fishing overnight which members know is banned on this fishery.  These individuals were using a black Honda Civic car that was left blocking the entrance gate to the car park and field that when asked they removed.  When questioned why they had not used the car park they said they had left the key for the gate at home?  This immediately tells me they were not members of our club because the lock on the gate is a combination one that does not require a key.  


One of them was also seen later walking the field with a Metal Detector and again told to stop with them  not having permission.  After further inspection the owners of Lees found they had been there overnight and lit fires with the evidence visable. There was also signs of lots of trips back and to their car that could mean they were removing fish?


Members are asked to keep an eye open for this vehicle and to report anyone they suspect of fishing illegally. The clubs bailiffs have been advised including the local Police Rural Watch Team based in Knutsford.  Both will step up the number of visits to this and our other fisheries to hopefully find and deter these and any others from poaching fisheries.  


Anyone found fishing this fishery without a current membership card or fishing overnight will be deemed to be trespassing and reported immediatly to the police.

Post updated: by Stan Harrison - Secretary 30th November 2017