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As most will know the AGM took place at the Legh Arms in Knutsford on Monday 9th February 2015  with an excellant turn out of members.  The meeting was opened by ‘Bruce’ the Chairman at 8pm as planned.  After initial formalities the Secretary read the minutes of 2014 AGM and gave a breif report on the progress of the club over the past year including a detailed Fisheries Report. One important item the secretary was pleased to announce was the significant monetary donation made by Neol Lees the club president that will be used to improve facilities for members.


Then it was the turn of Mike our Treasurer to explain the clubs financial position after which the meeting got underway with the important business of debating and voting for or against the resolutions submitted, as follows.


1. Membership subs to be reduced to Seniors £25.00, Over 65’s £15.00 Prop:  – This regected, therefore existing rates continue.


2. The club to offer new membership at £0.00 cost starting at the end of September 2015 onwards with applicants only paying the £20.00 admin/joining fee Prop; This received a unanimous vote and therefore PASSED.


Various items of interest to members where discussed on the night with fishery maintenance being top of the list.  It was agreed there was some snags in Heron Pool that needed to be removed that would be done at the first opportunity.  The other item deemed important was the work to make the path on the inside of the field fence we errected last year.  The first important job will be to clear and level the ground in readiness for a top dressing that we are currently looking for finance to purchase the material required.


The secretary gave an update on the club website and asked members to provide idea’s he could use to further improve it and forward anything to him worthwile posting.   The chair asked for a show of hands from members present to get an idea who uses the Forum and the rest of the website that received a better than expected response with about two thirds saying they did and frequently.


After the customary thanks for attending the meeting closed @ 10.20pm.


Posted: 27 February 2016.

SMAC 2016 AGM 

The meeting was held at the Whipping Stocks for the first time that was an excellant move going by members response.  Previously most of our meetings have been held in the Legh Arms that was initially OK but of late got very busy resulting in lots of noise making it unsuitable for important meetings.  I have to say the turn out on the night was excellant with many more members taking time to attend what is an important meeting for the membership.


The chairman (Bruce) started the meeting at 8.30pm as planned with him firstly explaining to members of the sad death of two of the club officers family the first being the tragic death of his own son following a head on motoring accident caused by a vehicle being driven on the wrong side of the road.  Then more recently the sad loss of the secretarys wife who after a considerable amount of time battling numerous health issues sadly passed away in hospital at the end of January.  On the night many members made a point of personally expressing their sympathy that I have to say was appreciated by Bruce and myself.  The chairman asked members present to stand and observe a minutes silence in respect of all passed members.


Addoption of standing orders: Prop; Paul Jackson, Seconded: Barry Dickenson.


Attendance record; the chairman asked member to put their name on the form circulating.


Secretary: Apologised to the memembership for not being able to give his full time doing what he normally does for the club, this the result of his wife being very poorly requiring hospital treatment then sadly passing away in January. The secretary also mentioned the sad loss Bruce had suffered with his son passing away the result of a road accident.


Absence: Secretary read apologies from members who could not attend.

Minutes of the previous 2015 AGM:  Read and accepted as a true and correct record by those present with no issues arrising.

Correspondence: Secretary nothing of interest appertaining to the club had been received.

Secretary 2015/16 report: the past year had been an eventful one for the club with special mention of the work done @ Green Lane following donations received from the local council, club president and one of our newer members towards the cost of hiring equipment to help make a path and errect a fence arround the field.  He went on to explain this was now complete with the second part to make one similar around the back of the rear pool at Green Lane planned for this year.  He explained this would require a similar effort alongside the other general fishery maintenance required over the coming season that he said would require much help from the membership.  He thanked all those who turned out on the many work parties over the past year to do the work he hoped members would find benificial.


Membership had remained much the same as last year that we planned to improve this year.


The secretary advised members that our only income comes from membership payments that is used mainly to pay for the rents on the clubs fisheries leaving us with very little for anything else. The donations recieved have made a big differnce allowing us to carryout much of the work planned.


Committee:  It would appear request for additional members to come forward to join the committee has yet again fell on death ears that is now becoming critical.  Members interested should contact secretary.


Website: This working well for the club but members are asked to provide more content and ideas how to improve it.

The secretary finished by by reminding members that Bruce would welcome orders for the clothing he is able to supply.


Treasurers Report: The treasurer indicated club finances were looking good and in order, members requiring futher information should contact him.


Club Waters: Path construction planned for the rear of the back pool @ Green Lane supply and fitting of gates as required. Heron Pool, netting of the water to to access fish stocks and if possible remove any catfish caught. Moss Lane/Crookalls work required to repair peg on small pool.


Suspension of Standing orders: Prop: Albert Parker Seconded: Ben Gunshon.


Ressolutions: None submitted.


Meeting closed @ 10. 35pm.

AGM 2015 AGM