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Updated 11th October 2018 by Stan Harrison - Secretary

2016 Work Party Dates:  

Work Party Dates:  

We appreciate some members have commitments at weekends so in future we will try to post dates early for Work Parties.  These might have to be changed so members should check to make sure any dates published are current.


Please note; to avoid interrupting members pleasure most fishery maintenance is done during what used to be the old close season i.e. 15th March to the 15th June that some of us still beleive should have been retained but unfortunately has not. As a result we have to arrange work parties when we have manpower available that does on occasion interrupt members plans that we apologise for.  It is though worth reminding members the work carried out is for the benefit of all the membership not just the individuals who regularly volunteer their time doing it.


2018 Work Party Dates :

  • 15th April - Venue Green Lane - Start 8am. 1st of 2018 and important we get good attendance with us having a mini-digger onsite). COMPLETED


  • 27th May - Venue Green Lane - Start 8am. Planned work includes some levelling of new path and erection of a new fence around it.  COMPLETED


  • Wednesday Evening 1st August - Venue Green Lane - Start 7pm - General Maintenance to include cutting grass          strimming arround pegs & removal of weed. COMPLETED


  • Sunday 14th October 2018 -Work Party - Venue Green Lane - Start 9 - 9.30am - Work to remove weed plus any dead or dying fish after loss of oxygen in back pool. (This is URGENT work so your support would be appreciated.)





Members interested in attending to note; most work parties are held on a Sunday mornings most normally starting @ 8am finishing @ approximately 12-00 - 1300hrs, apart from an odd one that could be held in an evening. Members owning petrol powered or other hand gardening tools are encouraged to bring them to help with the work.


One of the clubs officers will be on hand to give a work briefing to organise and let those attending know what jobs have been planned and work we feel should be prioritised.  Depending on the ammount of work to be done we do on occasion give each person a ''Work Party Information sheet''containing details of the work with information & guidelines the club wishes members to understand the importance of.  Please note; on reverse side of this you will also find a number of ''Health & Safety'' guidelines for members attending work parties.  In addition, I can confirm the club will make available a range of protective wear to include gloves, glasses & helmets for those involved in the cutting or removal of trees and/or branches, if required.


Health & Safety is deemed very important so the club have decided to make someone responsible and available who can deal with any injuries or offer advice to get help anyone with a health issue.  That person will be for the foreseeable future Roy Mills who does have the relevant certification to do this if required. The club will also provide Roy with a ''First Aid Kit'' that he will make sure is available when required.


Those attending, given there is sufficient numbers can look forward to a mid-morning breakfast consisting of Bacon, Sausage & Egg Butties.